Monday, 10 December 2012

This is getting Dickens-esque


I'm going to end up as a chimney-sweep. --Alright, I'm over-dramatising (as usual), but you've got to hear me out. I'm currently involved in this ridiculous job hunt -- and Lawd help me when I try to get employment in the sector I actually want a career in, because right now I'm nursing a serious case of the blues at Kmart's stony silence. It should not be this hard to get a retail job.

Some pretty interesting things have come out of my job hunt, though. I've been going in waves: first the undeniably better-paid world of sales and marketing, known also as "Hello, have you heard about the savings you can make if you switched to So-and-so Energy?" While I'm not sure how I would have enjoyed being hated for a living, it was a reality I never had to face as they were looking for people older and taller. I suppose I wouldn't buy energy from some bored-looking kid (it's just my face, there's not much I can do) who has to get other people to get the cereal down in the supermarket for her. I'm going to be very kind to door-to-door salespeople since I've had a brush with their world.

After finding myself without any interviews, I began panic and went through an application frenzy on the Internet. A lot of pride was forsaken that day; I admit to writing "...and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee!" on my Starbucks application. Also, I made an application to Starbucks.

Finally, a couple of days ago, I gave up on glitzy, fast-paced dreams and faced reality: my local suburb. Williamstown is a seaside 'burb with a towny feel; everybody knows everybody's business. Naturally, we attract too many daytrippers and Hong Kong tourists not to have 47,000 cafes; so, resumes in hand, I stalked the streets. Williamstown's an old place, by colonial Australian standards, and we have many old and beautiful things, like the trees you can see up above. It turned out to be quite a pleasant afternoon, with the sun shining and the cookware store hiring. Kmart may have forsaken me, but hope endures.


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