Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ain't that a kick in the head

Have a listen to my "things are going really rather well at the moment for me" song (catchy title, I know!). I only ever remember it when I'm feeling truly happy, and I'm a thousand times thrilled to say that I'm like that at the moment.

Two reasons. The first isn't even assured yet, but I'm feeling confident; that is, I've begun the process towards getting my visa to the UK. I'm going on a Youth Mobility Visa (I highly recommend the Aussie Nomad's post on the subject), which means that because I'm a youth I can be mobile. It's available to anyone under 30 and above 18 in the Commonwealth (regretting that revolution now, United States?) and Japan, oddly enough, and lets you galavant around England and co. for up to 24 months. Best part is that you're allowed to leave, too, and take advantage of that 90 day visa-free period in the EU. To ensure job and home security I've enlisted (read: paid for) the help of CCUSA, who operate out of every country known to man. If you fancy a working holiday they're well worth looking at. I mean, if I weren't so afraid of children I'd be on the Russian summer camp like that.

Look at them! What a great time they must be having in their matching bucket hats.

The second is equally life-changing and pivotal and exciting. My university place came out and (drumroll, please)...

Bachelor of International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney! I'm going to major in European Studies (and something else; Literature, probably) and learn German or French or Spanish or Russian. And I'm going to go on exchange and I'm going to join a heap of obscure societies and I'm going to eat Chinese food out of little boxes like everyone seems to do in films.

Their motto is Sidere mens eadem mutato: Although the constellations change the mind is universal. Isn't that just lovely? Oh my goodness!

So that's me until 2018. If this is just the beginning, my life is going to be beautiful.


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