Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Party Tree

The park I went to on my birthday is a little too beautiful to resist.

Honestly, I doubt I'll ever see a tree that perfect again.

It was the perfect time of day, just as the sun was beginning to slide, and all the birds were hassling the blossoms and being tremendously noisy. The temperature was gorgeous -- just too warm for a cardigan -- and the wind was pushing the leaves together, making them rustle and sigh.

Not a particularly heavy post today. I had a lazy one, avoiding stag's head-related purchases (I've got to fall out of love with that motif), submitting the application for my working holiday programme in London, eating party leftovers and printing out 207 copies of my résumé.



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  1. There is a certain almost magical quality to summer days like this and the resplendently lovely golden light that caresses them, which you've captured so wonderfully in these photos.

    ♥ Jessica


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