Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lovely London: One Month In

As always, via Pinterest

The pigeons are so amiable. I've never been more charmed. You'll be paying attention to a squirrel, or even just walking along, and then a few dozen pigeons'll decide they want to be where you are. Not in a pushy, busy way; they mind their own business. If you want to poke at them with your foot, that's cool. Crumbs'd be nice, man, but only if you've them on you. Don't sweat it. We're all about the journey.

Londoners are pathological jaywalkers. There are these cute little figures on most corners. They alternate: sometimes there's a little green man and other times a red one. As far as I can discern, they exist for purely decorative purposes.)

Do not ask for stockings based on their opacity. This is not the town to bring up 1D in. And on that note...

You're going to learn about One Direction. Liam is afraid of spoons. Harry has four nipples. There are five people in the band. I can't remember when or how this information made its way into my head but it makes me uncomfortable to know it's forced something useful out.

Hey, that train you wanted? It isn't coming. Because your line splits into two and the side you need is down.

The Mormons are plucky. Piccadilly Circus is plastered with posters. They aren't pushy or annoying or anything remotely along those lines; they're nice stories about family men and lawyers who triumphed over adversity. These people are also Mormons. The part that I like is that Piccadilly Circus is where you go on the tube if you want to see Book of Mormon on the West End.

You're suppose to stand on the right side of the escalator. And for God's sake, do as you're told. Tourists!


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