Wednesday, 22 May 2013

When things don't feel right

I don't think I need to jump up and down shouting to tell you that this blog hasn't quite worked out how I'd hoped. My posts are uninspired, unoriginal and wholly lacking in character. I'm not documenting my adventures, which was my intention, and the basic act of brainstorming is giving me headaches. Put simply, I want to blog, but I don't want to blog like this.

So I'm starting completely afresh. I know you're not meant to do that, it disorientates people, etc etc, but this is all wrong. I'm moving to Wordpress, first of all, and I'm changing formats to a photo-a-day (I hope!) with comments deal; short and sweet. I mean, writing these posts, while distracting, sure, is ultimately a chore for me. And if it's boring me, God knows how I'm meant to find the motivation and entertain you. Not to say that I'm unhappy with what I've produced here... I just think my "dedication" to ASW speaks for itself.

I've been trying to blog like other people, people I admire who inspired me to blog in the first place, and -- surprise, surprise -- it hasn't worked. So I'm going to try something else, see if that's better; I'm actually going to try and blog like myself. And you know, it feels good.

So why not have a look at

Adventures Etc.

With more self-deprication and less rambling.

I may even have the guts to tell my relatives about this one.


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